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African Americans And The Anti-Slavery Movement in the Ohio Valley

  • Mrs. Annis
  • Barrett Family
  • Henry Boyd Born 1802 in Kentucky and died in 1866. Henry Boyd purchased his freedom in 1826. He was a successful businessman in Cincinnati. He assisted William Casey and Calvin Fairbank in conducting 14 fugitives to Lawrenceburg.
  • Nathan Brown
  • Burgess Family
  • Michael Clark Father of Peter H. Clark, son of Elizabeth Clarke Gaines and her former enslaver. He was a barber on the Ohio River and a member of Bethel AME.
  • Peter H. Clark 1829-1925 Born in Cincinnati as a free black, Peter H. Clark was the son of formerly enslaved man, Michael Clark. Peter was an abolitionist writer, activist, and socialist. He was an acquaintance of Alphonso Taft and Levi Coffin. Peter was the first teacher in Cincinnati black Public Schools.
  • Thomas and Jane Dorum Thomas and Jane Dorum were free people of color who arrived in Cincinnati in the 1820s, both from Kentucky. They lived in Cincinnati's 4th Ward, in a neighborhood known as “Little Africa.” They harbored fugitives over a period of two decades, moving frequently for their own safety.
  • Ebenezer Elliott
  • John Isom Gaines Son of a free African American man named Isom Gaines and Elizabeth Clarke Gaines, a free woman formerly held by the Clarke family of Harrison County who had successfully sued the son of her enslaver. John I Gaines was Peter Clark's uncle and an active member in the abolitionist movement in Cincinnati. All of the family members lived downtown.
  • Augustus Green
  • Hall Family
  • John Hatfield He was a free man of color who was a river barber, a deacon at Zion church, and an active conductor. John Hatfield's wife, Frances, and daughter, Sarah, also helped with the Underground Railroad.
  • Josiah Henson
  • Lewis Family
  • Joseph Logan
  • Joseph Love
  • Dan Lucas
  • Shelton Morris
  • John Parker
  • Dr. Perkins Dr. Perkins was a free man of color and was indicted Sept 1852 for assisting in an escape of a man from an enslaver named Blackstone Rankins of Augusta, KY. Perkins, who was 70 yrs old, was sentenced to 3 years in the Kentucky Penitentiary.
  • Hansel Roberts
  • Wade Roberts
  • Henry and Isaac Rumsey Both of these free men of color were tried in Bracken County, KY court for aiding in the 1853 escape of a man from enslaver Walter Linn. Isaac was acquitted and the jury was not in agreement over Henry. There were two white men also arrested in the same escape: Cripps and James Cooper.
  • Mark Sims
  • William Watson

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