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Andrew Boyle, War of 1812 Veteran Who Settled in Boone County

Transcribed from Annie Walker Burns' Abstract of Pension Applications.

BOYLE, Andrew Michigan War of 1812

Andrew Boyle is found on the rolls of Captain Smith's company of Michigan volunteers from the twenty first of April to the sixteenth of August 1812. That date being the date of surrender; to have entered the service April 21, 1812 and is mustered as a private of said company without any remark indicating his having been injured while in the service.

From 3“ Auditor's office - Treasury Department, June 1833. To Pension office. War Department. Boone County, March 1833. Richard Collins and Benjamin S. Waller, certify that Andrew Boyle is incapacitated to perform military duty and one half disabled from obtaining his subsistence by manual labor - it appears that in July of [or] August 1812 the said Andrew Boyle, being engaged as a guard of escort of the United States mail by command of Captain Smith, between Detroit and the River Raison [Raisin] his horse fell and threw him by which fall said Boyle, received a wound in his left leg.

March 20, 1833. George L. Murdock desposes in Cincinnati, that he was a private in Captain Smith's company of Light Horse and was also one of the guards detailed to escort the mail between Detroit and the River Raison [Raisin], and was present when said Boyles' horse fell and said Boyle received a very serious injury. Andrew Boyle deposes March 20, 1833 in Cincinnati, that he entered service of the United States as Private by volunteering in Captain Smythe's light horse company at Detroit in April 1812, and that sometime in July or August of said year, while acting as one of the guards, detailed to escort the United States mail between Detroit and RIver Raison [Raisin], he received a serious injury upon his left leg which then disable him an still disables him.

James Caldwell, deposes, May 20, 1833 in Cincinnati, that he was principal forage master to the 1” Northwestern Army under General William Hull and in July 1812, was in Detroit with said army and boarded at the home of Captain Richard Smith of Detroit, and there became acquainted with Andrew Boyle who was then an inmate in said family and a private Dragon [Dragoon] in Captain Smith's company. That he was not present when said Boyle's injury was sustained but saw it afterwards and believes his statement to be true.

Andrew Boyle Private - Michigan Dragons [Dragoons]. Inscribed on Kentucky Will at four dollars per month to begin May 20, 1833. Certificate of pension issued June 21, 1833.

Increased to eight dollars per month on September 15, 1845 from August 12, 1845. Twenty seven pages of record.

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