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Draper's Meadows Massacre

On Wednesday the 30th of July, 1755, the Shawnee attacked Draper's Meadows. It has been called a massacre, but a count compiled some time after the event lists four dead, one wounded, and several captured. The account reads: 1755, July 30th, Col. James Patton, at North River, killed; Casper Barrier, at North River, killed; Mrs. Draper and one child, at North River, killed; James Cull, at North River, wounded; Mrs. English and her children, at North River, prisoners escaped; Mrs. Draper, Jr., at North River, prisoner escaped; Henry Leonard, at North River, prisoner escaped.

The prisoners included Mary Ingles (here called English), her two children, Thomas and George, and her sister-in-law, Bettie. William, Mary's husband, was away at the time and was not captured.

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