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Edward Meeks

According to family histories, Edward Meeks was born in Manhatten in 1774. Meeks was married to Dorothea Spencer, born in New Jersey, and had several children. Most of whom died tragically young. In 1813, Meeks purchased 180 acres from James Talbot along the Ohio River at Willoughby Creek, along with Talbot's ferry operation. Soon after, he received a ferry license to operate the ferry from his property to the opposite shore in Indiana. In 1815 Meeks, along with Thomas Noble, established the town of Mount Vernon. Mount Vernon is now known today as Belleview. On 15 April 1819, the land was sold to John Bruce for $7,500. After the sale of the Boone County prperty, Edward Meeks and his family settled at “Soldier's Retreat” in what is now Edgewood, Kentucky. Meeks and his family were lifelong members of the Dry Creek Baptist Church. Meeks died at his home in 1824, mere days before his son Edward, Jr. died at the age of 17.

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