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Having fun in 1960s Florence

In the 1960s, televisions (if you had one) were black and white, there were no video games and telephones (if you had one) were mounted on the wall. Even with lack of today's technologies, there were still ways to have fun.

Florence Drive In 1961 The Florence Drive In, seen here in 1961, was a great way to watch movies in the 1960s. You would park your car in front of the big screen and speakers would either attach to your car or be mounted on poles near your parking spot.
Caintuckee Grill The Caintuckee Grill was located at the crossroads of Dixie Highway and Route 42. There were many restaurants in Florence during the 1960s and were a great place for a family to grab a meal. Some other restaurants in town included: Bob & Gene Sandwich Shop; Pop's oyster House; Shamrock Restaurant; and the Skyline Drive Inn.
Papa Dino's PizzaTom's Papa Dino's Pizza is still in business today!
Skyline Drive Inn Skyline Drive Inn

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