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Free Blacks in Boone County, 1850 Census

Information on these 36 individuals was gathered from the 1850 Federal Census for Boone County, Kentucky by searching for “black” and “mulatto” in the race/nationality box of the Ancestry Library Edition database.

NameBirth YearGender
Dinah Batesabt 1800Female
Mat Batesabt 1810Male
Mary Batesabt 1815Female
Clarissa Batesabt 1832Female
Martha Batesabt 1833Female
Unie Batesabt 1838Male
James Batesabt 1840Male
Sophia Batesabt 1848Female
Adam Brockmanabt 1790Male
Keziah Brockmanabt 1795Female
Anthony Chambersabt 1805Male
John L. Colemanabt 1800Male
Judy Colemanabt 1805Female
William Ewbankabt 1780Male
Judy Ewbankabt 1790Female
Amelia Ewbankabt 1835Female
Squire Flourneyabt 1784Male
Milly Flourneyabt 1791Female
Phoeba Flourneyabt 1833Female
George Fosterabt 1824Male
Saml Hintonabt 1810Male
Elizabeth Hintonabt 1820Female
Pigeon Johnsonabt 1770Female
Ambrose Kerseyabt 1813Male
Thomas Kerseyabt 1818Male
Lina Kerseyabt 1820Female
Sarah Kerseyabt 1835Female
George Kerseyabt 1839Male
Sarah Knightabt 1780Female
Frank Knightabt 1790Male
Stephen Moxleyabt 1800Male
Dinah Moxleyabt 1805Female
John Parkerabt 1796Male
Charlotte Parkerabt 1800Female
Milly Parkerabt 1841Female
Jane Youellabt 1789Female
Saml Youellabt 1790Male
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