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Isaac Barker, War of 1812 Veteran Who Settled in Boone County

Transcribed from Annie Walker Burns' Abstract of Pensions.

Barker, Issac and Mary L. (Former widow of Cranford or Crawford) War of 1812 Old War widow regiment 19363 Old War widow regiment 12314 Old War invalid file 48472 Bounty land wt - 12849-190-1812

Forth Military District Headquarters May 8, 1815. It is hereby certified that Isaac Barker orderly sergeant of the company of Captain Thomas Biddle, Jr., in the Artillery corps is rendered incapable of performing the duty of a soldier - by satisfactory evidence and accurate examination it appears that on the fifth of September 1814, being engaged in the line of duty, at or near Fort Erie in upper Canada, he received a contrision [sic] of a shell in his left leg which rendered amputation above the knee joint necessary - and is totally disabled from obtaining his subsistence by manual labor. - McCaulay, M.D., Asst. Surgeon in the United States Army

Note on reverse says: There within named Sergeant Barker did not receive his discharge on this certificate. He was put on furlough by order of General Scott. He was or has been paid as Sergeant of Artillery to August 31, 1819. Thomas Biddle.

November 14, 1817. Isaac Barker writes to Brigadier General Parker asking that his pension be (settled) in the state of Ohio and may land in Illinois. December 20, 1825. Asks to be transferred from Ohio to Boone County Kentucky.

Discharge states, Isaac Barker, Sergeant, Captain Thomas Biddle's company corps Artillery, who enlisted on September 9, 1812, to serve five years is hereby honorably discharged, having faithfully served the full period of his enlistment.

Said Isaac Barker who was born in Danvill, Vermont, is twenty four years of age. Five feet eleven and a fourth inches high, fair complexion, dark eyes, brown hair, farmer by occupation. Given at headquarters 4“ Military Department October 13, 1817.

January 27, 1837. Asks to be transferred from Kentucky back to Ohio. January 10, 1839. He asks to be transferred to the agency at Carmi Illinois saying that his mother and three brothers are now living in Monroe County Illinois.

August 26, 1852. Thomas M. Hope writes to Honorable J.S. Heath for information concerning the rights of the widow of Isaac Barker who died July 28, 1846.

Madison County Illinois, May 28, 1853. Mary L. Crawford is appointed guardian to Isaac Barker, Robert Barker and Evaline Barker minor heirs of Isaac Barker, deceased.

On February 3, 1853, Evaline Barker is aged fifteen, Robert Barker age nine and Isaac Barker aged seven. May 26, 1853, Mary L. Crawford says on oath that she was married to Isaac Barker, April 1830. That he died July 28, 1846 at Waterloo, Illinois. That she is now a widow. She married John Crawford on May 24, 1851. He died in August 1852.

Isaac Barker sergeant, Artillery, Inscribed on the roll of Ohio at eight dollars per month to begin on October 14, 1817. Certificate of Pension issued November 18, 1817. Forty eight pages of record.

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