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Isaac Sanders, War of 1812 Veteran Who Settled in Boone County

Transcribed from Annie Walker Burns' Abstract of Pension Applications.

SANDERS, Isaac D. O.W. Inventory - 1353. War of 1812.

Boone County, November 1, 1833. Isaac D. Sanders deposes: entered service in 1813 as Sergeant in the company of Captain Henry R. Graham's company of 1“ Rifle Regiment. Discharged in 1815. Was seriously wounded in the back in 1814 at Port Erie by a bursting of a shell, also wounded in the chin by a rifle ball.

John Shortridge, late adjutant in the 1” Regiment of the United States Riflemen, deposes: Isaac D. Sanders was Sergeant in the said Regiment and was wounded in 1814 at Fort Erie.

Chasteen Scott, late lieutenant in the Seventeenth Regiment of United States Infantry deposes: He saw Isaac D. Sanders when he was recovering from the wound caused by bursting of shell in Fort Erie in the summer of 1814.

Richard Collins and B.S. Waller, physicians, testify on November 16, 1833, they have examined Isaac D. Sanders and find his disability to be one half.

July 13, 1837. Doctors O.J. Lindsay and R.F.B. Childers testify they have examined Isaac D. Sanders who is applying for increase of his pension and find his disability such that he is entitled to such increase.

Covering Jacket: Kentucky 1711. Isaac D. Sanders, Sergeant. 1“ Rifle Regiment. Inscribed on a Kentucky will at four dollars per month to begin November 18, 1833. Certificate of pension isseud December 30, 1837. Twenty four pages of record.

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