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Larkin Vaughn

Larkin Vaughn, the son of Abraham and Polly Vaughn, was born August 25, 1818. Vaughn never married and is primarily remembered for the nature of his untimely death.

In his History of Boone County, Kentucky, A.M. Yealey reported on a conversation he had had with William Aydelotte who remembered the event. Yealey wrote that Aydelotte “and his father were cutting wood on the Union Pike, when a company of Union soldiers were retreating back toward Ft. Mitchell, and in trying to cover their retreat kept firing along the Lexington pike. At the junction of Shelby Street and the Lexington pike Larkin Vaughn was shot and died as he was being carried to a nearby house.”

“He also stated that the Confederate soldiers did not attempt to go any farther than the intersection of the Union pike with the Lexington pike, then wheeled to the left and went out the Union pike with a dozen wagons. In about three hours they returned with their vehicles loaded with ground corn and wheat and a great number of sides of bacon. The camp was located at Snow's pond near Walton.” (See Skirmish at Snow's Pond)

Larkin Vaughn died from his wounds on September 17, 1862, and was buried at Vaughn Cemetery.

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