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Meeks Ferry

Although Edward Meeks owned the ferry in what is now Belleview for a short time, the name has persisted for 200 years. <html><img alt=“Meeks Ferry License” src=“” width=“400” align=“right” title=“Meeks Ferry License”></html>

  • 2 Dec 1805 James Talbot and Jameson Hawkins paid 20 pounds for a license to “keep a ferry across the Ohio at the mouth of Willoughby Creek.
  • ND James Talbot and Thomas Noble paid $1000 for a license to “operate a ferry from land of James Talbot in Boone County across river to opposite shore.”
  • 27 Aug 1813 Edward Meeks purchased 180 acres from James Talbot at the mouth of Willoughby Creek along the Middle Creek bottoms. (BC Deed Book C121)
  • 6 Dec 1813 Edward Meeks and William Vawter paid $1000 for a license to operate a ferry from “the land of Meeks across the Ohio River to the opposite shore.” (Boone County Court Order Book 2/198)
  • 15 Apr 1819 Edward Meeks sells his property at Willoughby Creek to John Bruce for $7,500. (BC Deed Book D294)
  • By 1820, Edward Meeks and his family were living in what became Erlanger, Kenton County, Kentucky.
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