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Native Americans in Boone County: Fort Ancient: Prehistoric Farmers Teacher Kit

Fort Ancient farming community similar to what would have been found in Boone County The Fort Ancient culture lived in the Ohio River Valley between 2500 and 1800 years ago during the Woodland period. This Native American tribe that settled in Boone County during the Woodland period were hunter-gatherer-farmers also known as the Prehistoric Farmers. This group lived here for more than 700 years. They took advantage of the rich, fertile farm land and built villages along the floodplain and thick forests. Both the Adena and Fort Ancient cultures also used the salt licks and springs as a natural resource for food and survival.

Fort Ancient: The Prehistoric Farmers- Content & Lesson Plans

  1. Native Americans in Boone County, KY by Bridget B. Striker (Powerpoint Presentation)
  2. Student Activities Page Student activities focusing on cultural diversity, social studies, and art & humanities, as well as museum activities great for field trips or classroom fun!

More Information

All material is digitized for educational purposes as part of the Native Americans in Boone County Teacher Kit. Special permission granted by A. Gwynn Henderson.

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