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Robert and Rebecca W. Ratcliff House, BE-928

George Nicholson American Foursquare

Excerpt from the 2005 National Register Nomination for the South Main Street Historic District.

Built by George Nicholson for Robert Ratcliff c. 1910, this house is one of a series of well-preserved residences of the Edwardian era along the east side of South Main Street. It is a classic American Foursquare dwelling under a pyramidal roof with prominent hipped dormers. Focal points of the facade are the main entry, with transom and sidelights, and the four-part focal window. Rock-faced stone lintels accent the facade bays.

According to the 1920 census, Ratcliff was 5 years old and manager of a lumber company. His wife, Rebecca W. Ratcliff, was 62 years old and a homemaker.

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