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Wa-Na Woman's Club

The Wa-Na Woman’s Club was established in 1945 to accommodate women in Walton who could not attend the Walton Woman’s Literary Club meetings. The Wa-Na club met at night, which was more convenient for young women, working women, and any other prospective members who were busy during the day, according to the club history written by Mrs. Clayton Jones, one of the charter members. The name “Wa-Na” came from the first two letters of Walton and the last two letters of Verona.

The Walton Woman’s Literary Club sponsored the new Wa-Na Club, but they were separate organizations. The Wa-Na Club became a federated club in October 1945 and was part of the Kentucky Federation of Women’s Clubs (KFWC).

The club held meetings in the evening on the second Thursday of the month from September to June. Initially, meetings were held in the homes of members, but they also took place in various other locations, including the Walton Christian Church and Maddox Dentist Office Basement. At the meetings, members participated in lectures and programs about domestic and educational topics, from flower arrangements to international relations. Additionally, members went on field trips, e.g. to local museums.

The club’s charitable efforts were directed toward veterans, international charities, and the Mothers March (about the polio epidemic). During the 1940s war effort, the Wa-Na Club directed its attention to nurse training with the Red Cross, the Veterans Hospital, and the United Nations Relief Association.

Locally, the Wa-Na club had education-focused efforts. They held dances for students, recognized high-achieving students in certain subject areas, and awarded a $100 scholarship to a Walton-Verona senior girl who intended to study education or nursing in college. They also established a kindergarten class, which club members would teach. Mrs. James Webster was the first kindergarten teacher, remaining in that position for many years before she retired. The Wa-Na club also collected books in the late 1940s for the “First Public Lending Library” in Walton, which opened in 1951. To fundraise for these efforts, the Wa-Na club had various sales and hosted a style show.

In 2018, the materials of the Wa-Na Woman’s Club were donated to the Boone County Public Library. Photocopies of their materials can be found in binders in the Local History Department.

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