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Wallace Family

Patrick & Nancy Wallace grave, Big Bone Baptist Cemetery Patrick Wallace (1755-1840) and his wife Nancy Tull (1758-1854) owned property in the Big Bone area of Boone County, as well as, Petersburg. Some descendants claim Wallace and Tull were from Ireland, but early Kentucky military records show a Patrick Wallace serving in Price's Battalion of Kentucky Mounted Volunteers in 1794. According to Kentucky Tax Records, by 1800, a Patrick Wallace is living in Woodford County, Kentucky. Subsequent census records show Patrick Wallace living in Boone County from 1810 to 1840 when he died.

A History of Big Bone Baptist Church states that “General Wallace” sold five acres and donated an additional two acres for the establishment of the church in 1843.1) In his 1840 will, Patrick Wallace left his 200 acres, plus Petersburg lots to his son John, his youngest daughter Mary M. Garrison and a dower for his wife Nancy. Since Patrick was deceased in 1943, presumably General Wallace refers to Patrick's son John.

More Information

History of Big Bone Baptist Church 1843-1943, page 4.
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