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White Farm (BE 004)

White Farm Located on East Bend Road near Burlington and traditionally known as the White Farm, this historic farmstead has been in the Maurer family since c.1875. The farm was designated a Kentucky Centennial Farm in 1992.

Built as a one-story, hall-parlor dwelling in the late 19th century, the house achieved its present, side-passage form in 1917 when the two-story front block was added.

The farm includes an excellant collection of historic farm buildings, including timber-frame stock barns, a tobacco barn, a stable, a cattle shute, and even a corncrib made of snow fencing. Near the house stan a two-level summer kitchen, a root cellar (one of the few in the county, a smokehouse, and one of the few remaining 19th century drive-through corncribs in Boone County.

Corn Crib

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