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African Americans from Boone County in the Civil War

Compiled for the African Americans in Boone County Project sponsored by Preservation Kentucky. Accounts from Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky. Printed by Authority of the Legislature of Kentucky. Volume II: 1861-1866. Frankfort: Kentucky Yeoman Office, John H. Harney, Public Printer, 1867. Also, compiled from All U.S., Colored Troops Military Service Records, 1861-1865.

Compiler's Note These are possibilities for Boone County African Americans in the Civil War. The book lists everyone who enlisted at Covington – I have chosen those whose last names are familiar in Boone County. This doesn’t mean they actually were from Boone County, but it is possible. The 117th Regiment was traveling through Boone County & sent men in to recruit, so those are the most likely, but men were running away throughout the war & could easily have become a recruit in another regiment. I put asterisks on those names that matched exactly with names in the 1880 or 1866 tax assessments. It is not so odd that very few do because several of these regiments did not muster out until 1866/1867 and since many blacks in general left Boone County after the war, it shouldn’t be too surprising that a good number of these soldiers also left. The 117th mustered out in TX, so some of them may have stayed down there – the other regiments may have also mustered out elsewhere.

Legend: (*) Exact name shows up in either the 1866 tax assessment or the 1880 tax assessment (#) Exact name shows up in Rising Sun, IN, 1870 census


1st U.S.C. Heavy Artillery

  • William Berry

3rd U.S.C. Heavy Artillery

  • Robert Williams

5th Massachusetts Colored Cavalry

  • James Bailey (1865- sent to work on Brazos Railroad in Texas; 1880 may be in Galveston TX with family)

Co. C, 4th U.S.C. Infantry

  • Lewis P. Johnson (d. 16 Mar 1885 in Dayton, Ohio)

Co. L, 5th U.S.C. Cavalry (p. 10)

  • Albert Bates
  • Wesley Baker
  • William Smith
  • William Sanders

6th U.S.C. Heavy Artillery

  • John Dancell/Danzil/Danzill

8th U.S.C. Infantry

  • Enoch Burk

11th U.S.C. Infantry

  • Frank Tardy (also 3rd Tennessee Volunteers)

12th U.S.C. Infantry

  • William Bibb

12th U.S.C. Heavy Artillery

  • Robert Caile
  • Lewis Criffield/ Crutchfield
  • George Jefferson
  • Anthony Riddle
  • Phillip Stockton (in Louisville military hospital in 1866)
  • Granville Woods (d. 24 June 1903 in Lexington, Kentucky)

15th U.S.C. Infantry

  • William Shouse/ Rouse?
  • Joseph Stark/ Starke

16th U.S.C. Infantry

  • Thomas Coleman (lived in Oxford,Ohio at time of enlistment)
  • Ryle Hogan
  • George Allen Poston 1845-1885 (buried in Woodside Cemetery, Oxford, Ohio)

18th U.S.C Infantry

  • Joseph Davis
  • Harrison Hayden

23rd U.S.C. Infantry

  • John Miller
  • William Taylor

27th U.S.C. Infantry

  • Arthur Burkshire/ Berkshire (1860 Census living in Portsmouth, Ohio with wife and children)
  • James Riddle (also 9th Heavy Artillery)

28th U.S.C. Infantry

  • Enoch Bush

29th Connecticutt Volunteer Infantry

  • William H. Webster

40th U.S.C. Infantry

  • Henry Carter

42nd U.S.C. Infantry

  • Oscar F. Baker (Sergeant)
  • Daniel Hinds
  • William Johnson
  • Martin White

50th U.S.C. Infantry

  • William H. Foster
  • Mortimer F. Hiff

Co. A, 107th U.S.C. Infantry (p. 28)

  • Samuel Hall

Co. B, 107th (p. 28 - 29)

  • Henry Lee
  • Alfred Allen
  • Robert Keeth (could be Keith)

Co. D, 107th (p. 30)

  • William Riley

Co. H, 107th (p. 34)

  • Julius Stephens, deserted

Co. B, 108th U.S.C. Infantry (p. 37)

  • 1st Sgt. John Wilson
  • Cpl. Elijah Sanders
  • Nelson Anderson
  • John Anderson
  • Lewis Allen
  • Squire Bell
  • Samuel Craig
  • George Grant
  • Andy Hamilton*
  • Lemuel Sanders
  • Squire Tandy
  • Grandison Toliver
  • James McGruder
  • Daniel Webb
  • Adam Riley, deserted

Co. I, 108th U.S.C. Infantry (p. 43)

  • Sgt. Ben Lewis*
  • Sgt. Isaac James
  • Levi Carter, died

Co. D, 109th U.S.C. Infantry (p. 47)

  • George White
  • Ellis Graves
  • Redwin Hawkins
  • Allen Johnson

Co. A, 117th U.S.C. Infantry (p. 77-78)

  • James Bell
  • Lewis Berry
  • Reuben Garnett
  • James Garnett
  • Jerry Garnett
  • Hillard Hawkins
  • Henry Hawkins
  • Park Johnson
  • Jackson Moore*
  • Rube Stansifer
  • William Webb
  • Benjamin Cason*
  • Lewis Taliaferro (Toliver?)
  • Perry Garnett
  • Him Gaines
  • George Garnett
  • Archibald Moore
  • Charles Marshall
  • Millroy Parker
  • Eli Parker
  • John Smith
  • Elijah Smith

Co. C, 117th (p. 79)

  • John Corbin*
  • Stephen Coleman
  • Marion Sleet
  • Isaac Sanders#
  • William Towsey (sic)
  • Robertson White

Co. D, 117th (p.79-80)

  • Green Ammon
  • Aleck Coleman
  • Joe Coleman
  • George Coleman
  • Charles Frazier (alias Patterson, Living in Kansas in 1914)
  • Henry Frazier (d. 25 Jul 1929 US National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers)
  • Fred Garnett
  • James Garnett
  • Jim Mitchell

Co. E, 117th (p. 80)

  • Albert Crisles (Crisler)
  • Rube Crisles (Crisler)
  • Jeff Crisles (Crisler)
  • Samuel Gaines
  • Melvin Gaines
  • Luther Kirtley (Living in Burlington in 1900)
  • Samuel Mitchell
  • Jackson Rucker

Co. F, 117th (p. 81)

  • Benjamin Ryle (Living in Wayne Co., Indiana in 1920)
  • Godfrey Riddle (d. 2 Jul 1922, Owen Co. Kentucky)
  • Thomas Utz
  • James Hughes*
  • Jerry Hughes
  • Jesse Hughes

Co. G, 117th (p. 81)

  • Fisher Aylor* (died 1906 Dayton, Ohio)
  • Parker Blendenbacker [c/b Blankenbeker]
  • Allen Craig
  • George Craig
  • Howard Gibson
  • Fountain Grant (d. 13 Feb 1929 Athens, Ohio)
  • Benjamin Mitchell
  • Harrison Minor* (d. 23 May 1923 Boone County)
  • Henry Rouse
  • Hiram Terrill
  • Henry Terrell (sic?)
  • John Walton
  • Peter Webb*

Co. A, 118th U.S.C. Infantry (p. 84)

  • Scott Whitacre (sic)

Co. E, 122nd U.S.C. Infantry (p. 106)

  • Lewis Parker
  • Lee Rogers*
  • Charles Utz* (living in Burlington 1900)
  • Wash Norris

Co. H, 122nd (p. 108)

  • James Frazier

Co. F, 124th U.S.C. Infantry (p. 125)

  • Eli Campbell*
  • Edmund Delaney (sic)
  • Henry Gaines*
  • Woodford Hughey/ Huey*

Co. G, 124th (p. 126)

  • Henry Bishop
  • Jacob Flarney [probably Flournoy]
  • Hugh Frazier
  • Alfred Hawkins
  • John Riley

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