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Articles and Books by A. M. Yealey

History of Boone County, Kentucky: Articles Published in Newspapers over a Period of Fifty Years, Covington: Privately Published, 1960

“Florence Schools, ” in Florence, Boone County, Kentucky Florence: Boone County Historical Society, 1958), p. 11-17.

“Florence's First Jail Described by Mr. Yealey,” Northern Kentucky News, 15 Oct 1954, p. 4. (Includes Photo)

Florence 80 Years Ago Had Only Private Schools; Croquet was Favorite Sport,” Boone County Recorder, 1955

“Boone County 'First',” Feature Historical Article Northern Kentucky News, 1 Oct 1954, p. 4.

“Big Bone History Reviewed by Local Man” Northern Kentucky News, 24 Sept 1954, p. 7.

“Writer Tells About Early Town Laws, The Judge Who Helped Prisoner Escape and the Story of High Tax Burdens,” Northern Kentucky News, 22 Oct 1954, p. 4.

“Teenagers of 75 Years Ago in Court After Chirivari,” Northern Kentucky News, 5 Nov 1954, p. 2.

“Record Given of Early Papers in Florence,” Northern Kentucky News, 26 Nov 1954, p. 2.

“Writer Reviews Slave Laws; Tells About Boone Owners' Difficulties with Runaways,” Northern Kentucky News, 24 Dec 1954, p. 2.

“Local Historian Tells More About Slaves,” Northern Kentucky News, 31 Dec 1954, p. 1, 3.

“The Story of Joe 'A Slave Boy' A Story of Murder and Near Mob Violence — Yet A Story of Early Justice by Local Courts,” Northern Kentucky News, 8 Oct 1954, p. 2.

“Mayor Yealey Writes About Carpenter Family; Traces Name Back to 1303 Tells of Different Family Branches,” Northern Kentucky News, 29 Oct 1954, p. 4.

“Writer Visits Early Graves and Notes Interesting Facts,” Northern Kentucky News, 3 Dec 1954, p. 2.

“Underhill Family History Traced,” Northern Kentucky News, 12 Nov 1954, p. 2.

“Many Improvements and Changes Made in Florence,” Northern Kentucky News, 4 Feb 1955; article reprinted in Conrad, 41042: A Story About Florence, p. 60-64.

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