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Dr. John E. Stevenson House (BE 295)

<html><img alt=“Dr. John E. Stevenson House” src=“” width=“250” align=“left” title=“Dr. John E. Stevenson House”></html> This house, built c.1870, is the sole surviving building associated with the Big Bone Lick mineral springs, where a leading resort/spa prospered in the mid-19th century. Dr. Stevenson, proprietor of the Home for Invalids at Big Bone, was involved with both the curative and recreational aspects of the resort and operated at least two of the hotels erected there.

The Stevenson House is a three-bay, central-passage frame I-house with rear ell. A drylaid stone retaining wall defines the front property line, and a stone-lined root cellar is built into a hillside immediately behind the house. West of the house is a sculpture garden created by the current owners.

The house was added to the National Register in 2000.

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