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Infirmary Residents found in the U.S. Census Records 1880-1940

The residents living in the county infirmary or “poor house” were recorded in the U.S. census records. The residents were referred to as “inmates”, as were residents of hospitals or orphans' homes. Starting in the 1820 census, the head of household or superintendent of the infirmary is also listed, often with his family members, who also live on the property.

1880 Census

SurnameGiven NameRaceGenderAgeBirth YearMarital StatusBirthplaceFathers BirthplaceMothers Birthplace
LacyJane W F 30 1850 Wid IN IN IN
LacyL. James W M 4 1876 S KY KY IN
LacyInfant W M 6m 1879 S KY KY IN
JonesJames W M 69 1811 Wid VA VA VA
JohnsonFrankey B F 95 1785 Wid VA VA VA
ClarksonEllen B F 47 1833 KY VA VA
HansfordDavid B M 70 1810 M KY VA VA
HansfordJane B F 48 1832 M KY VA VA
BeemonMary W F 67 1813 Wid MD MD MD
BeemonMarion W F 28 1852 Wid KY KY MD
BeemonLeathia W F 24 1856 S KY KY MD
CarterRebecca W F 79 1801 Wid KY KY MD
BurrisMargret W F 29 1851 Wid KY KY MD
BurrisEdward W M 8 1872 S KY KY MD
BurrisGeorge W M 5 1875 S KY KY MD
BurrisCharles W M 3 1877 S KY KY MD
Burris W M 2m 1880 S KY KY MD

1900 Census

SurnameGiven NameRelationshipRaceGenderAgeMarital StatusBirthplaceFather's BirthplaceMother's Birthplace
JohnsonHarrisonInmate B M 10 S KY Unkn Unkn
HansfordJane Inmate B F 65 Wid Unkn Unkn Unkn
Ayler Mary Inmate B F 40 S KY Unkn Unkn
ClarksonEllen Inmate B F 70 S KY Unkn Unkn
Smith Lizzie Inmate B F 11 S KY KY Unkn
HerrickSarah Inmate W F 69 Wid OH OH OH
Noble Kate Inmate W F 53 Wid KY OH IN
Noble Jake Inmate W M 25 S IN KY KY
Noble WilliamInmate W M 12 S KY KY KY
Deer ElizabethInmate W F 89 Wid KY PA VA
Vernon Ann Inmate W F 43 S Unkn Unkn Unkn
MaxfieldAlphonsoInmate W M 73 S KY MD MD
Ellis Samuel GInmate W M 79 Wid VA VA VA
Thorpe RichardInmate W M 35 S TN Unkn SC
Gigir Tony Inmate W M 69 Wid GER GER GER
Thomas Thomas Inmate B M Unk S KY KY KY

1910 Census

SurnameGiven NameRelationshipGenderRaceAgeEstimated Birth YearMarital StatusBirthplaceFather's BirthplaceMother's Birthplace
GoodridgeW Inmate M W 47 1863 S US US US
Beemon SalathielInmate M W 89 1821 Wid US US US
Moore WilliamInmate M W 78 1832 Wid US US US
McmanamaM S Inmate M W 84 1826 Wid US US US
YarnallGeorge Inmate M W 51 1859 D US US US
CarpenterIsaacInmate M B 70 1840 D US US US
BrysonJoseph Inmate M W 68 1842 M US US US
RiceKirtley Inmate M W 40 1870 S US US US
DudgeonPeter Inmate M W 63 1847 M US US US
DudgeonElizabethInmate F W 62 1848 M US US US
BrysonCynthan Inmate F W 60 1850 M US US US
Green Ellen Inmate F W 32 1878 Wid US US US
Green James LInmate M W 3 1907 S US US US
WallaceJosephineInmate F W 5 1856 S US US US
Ludvig Adam Inmate M W 70 1840 S GER GER GER
GarrisonEllen Inmate F W 67 1843 Wid CAN CAN IRE
Shuts Eliza Inmate F W 75 1835 Wid US US US
HansfordJane Inmate F B 75 1835 Wid US US US
Minor HarrietInmate F B 75 1835 S US US US
Scales Lizzie Inmate F B 26 1884 S US US US
Scales Susie Inmate F B 6 1904 S US US US
Scales Lewis Inmate M B 3 1907 S US US US
Scales Mandy Inmate F B 0 1910 S US US US
NicholsEvelineInmate F B 60 1850 Wid US US US
JohnsonGeorgieInmate F B 56 1854 S US US US
Carter Ann Inmate F B 80 1830 Wid US US US
WilliamsMary Inmate F B 40 1870 S US US US
JohnsonWillis Inmate M B 6 1904 S US US US

1920 Census

SurnameGiven NameRelationship SexRaceAge Estimated Birth YearMarital StatusAttended SchoolBirthplaceFather's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Rouse FrankHead Supt. M W 43 1877 M KY KY KY
Rice Kirtley LInmate M W 48 1872 S KY KY KY
Senour LouvenaInmate F W 45 1875 Wid KY KY KY
BuckmerJohn CInmate M W 69 1851 S KY KY KY
ColdwellFilmoreInmate M W 59 1861 S KY KY KY
Mc CartySadieInmate F W 28 1892 Wid KY KY KY
ReutchelMaryInmate F W 75 1845 Wid KY KY KY
FranksLucindaInmate F W 49 1871 Wid KY KY KY
FranksBesseInmate F W 15 1905 S Yes KY KY KY
Franks Lee A Inmate M W 12 1908 S Yes KY KY KY
Franks Leroy Inmate M W 9 1911 S Yes KY KY KY
RobinsonBevinsInmate M W 72 1848 Wid KY KY KY
JohnsonGeorgia AInmate F B 75 1845 Wid KY KY KY
Sleet Martha Inmate F B 75 1845 Wid KY KY KY
Gaines Walker Inmate M B 78 1842 Wid KY KY KY
GoodridgeWalterInmate M W 57 1863 S KY KY KY
Bruce EmmaInmate F W 71 1849 Wid KY KY KY
Bills JamesInmate M W 76 1844 M KY KY KY
Bills Della AInmate F W 58 1862 M KY KY KY

1930 Census

SurnameGiven NameRelation to HeadGenderRaceAgeEstimated Birth YearMarital StatusAge at First Marriage BirthplaceFather's BirthplaceMother's Birthplace
Rouse Frank H Head M W 52 1878 M 25 KY KY KY
Rouse Lena E Wife F W 49 1881 M 22 KY KY KY
Rice Kirtly L Inmate M W 60 1870 S KY KY KY
CaldwellFilmore Inmate M W 70 1860 S KY KY KY
GoodridgeWalter Inmate M W 67 1863 S KY KY KY
AndersonWilliam D Inmate M W 72 1858 S KY VA OH
AndersonRebecca Inmate F W 70 1860 S KY VA OH
Franks Lucinda Inmate F W 60 1870 D KY KY KY
House Simeon Inmate M W 79 1851 S KY VA VA
Marsh George H Inmate M W 81 1849 Wid KY KY KY
Clark John Inmate M W 60 1870 S KY KY KY
Walton Andy J Inmate M W 72 1858 M 20 KY KY US
Walton Martha Inmate F W 75 1855 M 23 IN KY OH
Bahn Charles E Inmate M W 59 1871 M 22 IRE IRE IRE
Mc CartySadie Inmate F W 38 1892 S KY KY KY
Beemon Minerva Inmate F W 80 1850 Wid 22 KY KY KY
Beemon Addie E Inmate F W 55 1875 D 28 KY KY KY
Murray Thomas V B Inmate M W 61 1869 M 35 OH OH IRE
JohnsonGeorgie A Inmate F B 90 1840 S KY KY KY

1940 Census

SurnameGiven NameRelation to Head of HouseGenderRaceAgeEstimated Birth YearMarital StatusHighest Grade CompletedBirthplace
Eddins StanleyHead M W 491891 MElem school, 6th grade KY
Eddins Edna Wife F W 421898 MHigh School, 1st year KY
AndersonRebeccaInmate F W 801860 SEleme school, 6th grade KY
Beeman Addie Inmate F W 671873 WidElem school, 6th grade KY
Holmes Arthur FInmate M W 761864 SElem school, 5th grade KY
Laws Jessie Inmate M W 811859 DElem school, 6th grade KY
Porter CharlesInmate M W 791861 SElem school, 6th grade KY
Walton Martha Inmate F W 861854 WidElem school, 6th grade KY
Synder Lillie Inmate F W 751865 WidElem school, 6th grade KY
Hudson Katie Inmate F W 871853 SElem school, 5th grade KY
Conner Amanda Inmate F W 831857 WidElem school, 5th grade KY
TongateWess Inmate M W 711869 DElemen school, 5th grade KY
HarrisonGrant Inmate M W 721868 WidElem school, 6th grade KY

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