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J.G. Tomlin

From the August 14th, 1901 edition of the Boone County Recorder highlighting the many prominent citizens of Boone County

J.G. Tomlin was born in Grant County this State 39 years ago. He received a good public school education, and afterwards attended the Vincennes Indiana, High School, of which he is a graduate, and attended four years without missing a day. He studied under a private teacher at Terre Haute, Ind., one year and was one year in college at Atlanta, Ga. He taught school in Gallatin County in 1884, and began at that time the study of law under the late J.J. Landrum. After teaching 4 ½ years in this county, he served twenty-two months as Deputy Revenue Collector under Col. Landrum.

He was admitted to the bar in Grant County in 1891, locating at Walton, of which town he is one of the most spirited citizens, and always contributes liberally toward any enterprise that will redound to the interest of Walton. He is a good lawyer, a clever gentleman and a prompt, far-seeing business man. His wife was Miss Annie Herndon, of Bank Lick, Kenton County. They have a spritely son, aged 8 years, and own and occupy one of the neatest residences in Walton.

Mr. Tomlin is an influential Republican, and has been, in the past, his party’s nominee for Commonwealth’s Attorney, County Attorney, and State Senator, and is now the nominee for county representative in the next General Assembly. In his last 10 years practice of his profession he has proven a formidable advocate and a faithful guardian of the interests of his numerous clients.

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