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Peter Gregory House (BE 671)

The Peter Gregory House was built c.1860 and sits on Beaver Road in the East Bend Bottoms. The house is an outstanding representation of the Gothic Revival style in Boone County. It is the county’s closest approximation of the “Downing Cottage” popularized by Andrew Jackson Downing in the mid-19th century.

Peter Gregory House With porches (now collapsed) facing both the road and the river, the house has in effect two facades. Curvilinear baseboards in the form of stylized Vitruvian scrolls are found along the eaves, with pendants at the apex of each gable. The interior includes a wealth of eclectic detailing in the Italianate, Gothic Revival and Greek Revival modes. The land extends southward to the Ohio River, and Gunpowder Creek meanders through the southern end of the property.

The house is abandoned and in danger of demolition by neglect; nonetheless its historic character and lavish ornamentation remain intact. It was added to the National Register in 2000.

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