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African Americans in the Kentucky Post

Compiled for the African Americans in Boone County Project sponsored by Preservation Kentucky. All accounts from Kentucky Post, Microfilm, Covington Library, Covington, Kentucky.

19 April 1920

  • Jim Crow Law is Upheld Supreme Court held that the South Covington & Cincinnati Stret (sic) Railway Co. and the Cicinnati, Covington & Erlanger Railway Co., operating between Cincinnati and Kentucky points must comply with the Jim Crow car law of Kentucky on its lines in that state. The companies claimed the law could not be enforced against them, because they operated in interstate traffic. The court voted six to three, Justices Vandevanter, Pitney and Day dissenting.

Compiler's Note Shows how Jim Crow in one state can affect another state where integrating was generally the rule (at least on railways & streetcars).

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