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From the March 6, 1907 issue of the Boone County Recorder.

A description of our little hamlet, Waterloo is situated on the Burlington and East Bend road; six and one-half miles from Burlington and two and one-half miles from the Ohio River. You will find here farmers who are making a study of their farming and stock-raising, and go about it in a business-like way, making a success of it, gradually increasing their bank account and improving their farms. Fruit growing is given special attention by some. W. B. Kelly has one of the finest orchards in the county, his trees numbering in the thousands. J. W. Kite, who owns the store handles all kinds of first-class merchandise, and a more sociable and clever man can not be found anywhere. J. S. Clore, the telephone man, has charge of the switch-board, and if you want the news, call him and you are sure to get it. Of late there have been several new lines coming into town, more than the present board can accommodate and a new board has been ordered, which will accommodate all the lines and give better service. Waterloo is now one of the most important telephone centers in the county, and lines are being surveyed from a great distance to get connection here.

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