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William B. Rogers House (BE 358)

William B. Rogers House

Located on Sycamore Street in Belleview, the William B. Rogers House is a frame Queen Anne residence of lively design. Its modified T-plan form consists of three cross gables, and a kitchen ell at the rear. The tall gables are filled with wood shingles of varied design and are flared at the base; at the peaks are projecting bargeboards. Above the four-part, transomed parlor window is a blind, semicircular pediment with split sunburst motif. A porch with turned posts and spindlework porch shelters the entrance. At the rear of the property are a livestock barn and smokehouse built at the same time as the house.

The Rogers House was built by carpenters John Presser and Henry Griffith and a stonemason named Hogan. All materials but the stone, which came from a nearby creek, were shipped from Aurora, Indiana.

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