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World War I

The following is a partial transcription of Form 164-A:

List of Men Ordered to Report to this Local Board for Military Duty

And for Transportation to the Mobilization Camp at Camp Taylor, Louisville, Ky

The following-named men are hereby ordered to report at the office of this Local Board for military duty and for transportation to a mobilization camp.

The time they must report is 4 p.m. on 22 September, 1917.

Date of posting: Sept 17, 1917 A.M. Yealey, Chairman Edgar C. Riley, Secretary

Henry A.L. StuckyWalton RiceCecil G. Presser
Charles A. PeenoW.Y. AydelotteHarold Gaines
Albert M. StephensonLee AbdonHarvey Sturgeon
Claude SturgeonFrank BiddleCharles M. Waller*
Gussie RichFrank Klaserner*Lloyd C. McElroy
Henry C. MoyerJ. Allie GrantPerry T. Rector
Claude E. BlackHoard JohnsonMilton W. Carpenter
Chasteen E. FowlerWilliam H. DayThomas C. Hamilton
John Baker[?]ville RiceHarold Garr
Herbert SnyderAllen DarbyJames M. Code
Herman Wingate

*Rejected at mobilization camp

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