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1867 Boone County Tax List for Negroes and Mullatoes

The original record does not show taxing districts and is more or less alphabetical.

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Allen, DavidHarden, JohnTaylor, Dock
Anderson, DanielHarvey, JeffThomas, John
Ausbern, TaylorHiggins, CharlesThomas, Thomas
Ausbern, WoodfordHodges, BenjaminThomas, Tucker
Aylor, ChelsaHofer, AlfredTraitor, William
Aylor, PeterHuey, NoahTrimble, James
Aylor, FisherHuey, WilliamUtz, James
Barton, NedHuey, JosephUtz, Henry
Blankenbaker, WilliamHughes, JackUtz, Abe
Blankenbaker, TrumanJenkins, LewisUtz, Charles
Boiston, WyattJessel, LewisVest, George
Boiston, GeorgeJohnson, SaulVest, Albert
Boiston, JepthaKing, JacksonWalton, Richard
Botts, StephenKirtley, LutherWillis, George
Brown, WilliamKirtley, LamondWake, Joseph
Brown, BenKirtley, CyrusWeaver, Richard
Butler, CharlesLaping, AndyWhittaker, Squire
Calvert, JamesLaping, PaulWalton, Albert
Carmical, EdmondLee, LindonWhite, George
Christy, CharlesLoon, AlfredWard, Frank
Cleek, GranvilleLovely, ThomasWood, James
Clutterbuck, MatthewMadison, WilliamWilliams, Alfred
Clutterbuck, SidneyMarquis, HenryWoods, John
Clutterbuck, HaywoodMarshall, GeorgeYelton, Abe
Clutterbuck, Mart or MadisonMartin, WillisYouell, Saul
Clutterbuck, BusterMead, MatZellers, Slauter
Collins, WilliamsMead, David
Cook, LeonMerick, James
Corbin, JohnMingo, Thomas
Crigler, JackMorton, Benjamin
Crigler, WillisMcKenzie, Fountain
Crigler, BenjaminNelson, Peter
Crisler, MiltonNorris, Henry
Delph, GeorgeParker, Lewis
Dills, JepthaPasting, Thomas
Dinsmore, GibsonPorce, William
Duke, AllenRagsby, Walker
Dulany, CupidRiley, Jacob
Duncan, BaileyRogers, Lee
Duncan, EsomRogers, Dan
Duncan, GreyRop, Charles
Fay, AllenRose, Rose
Finnel, WashingtonRouse, James
Foster, GeorgeRouse, Abram
Foster, WillisRucker, Reuben
Fowler, RichardRyle, Brad
Frazier, HubbRyle, Samue
Frazier, EliRyle, Woodford
Frazier, NelsonRyle, Abe
Frazier, WilliamScott, John
Frazier, LewisScott, Lewis
Gaines, WesleySebsace, Thornton
Gaines, ThomasSeoayare, Peter
Gaines, AustinShelton, Morris
Gaines, RuebanSleet, William
Gaines, WilliamSleet, Srison
Garnett, BenjaminSnyder, Robert
Gibbs, ErastusSnyder, Adam
Gibbs, JamesSnyder, Casual
Grant, IsrealSouther, Manuel
Graves, NelsonSouther, Lewis
Graves, EdmundSouther, Willis
Green, BenjaminStanisfer, George
Gregg, DavidStanisfer, Henry
Gregory, CaceyStanisfer, Isaas
Griffeth, WilliamSteele, Nat
Stephens, Richard
Stephens, Philip
Stephens, William

The Comissioner of Taxes having commenced and progressed to a considerable extent in taking a list of the Negroes and Mulattoes of the county before passage of the Act approved March 9, 1867, the said Comissioner now appends the following list as part of the book for taxable property, which is as follows, to wit:

Negroe and Mullato Taxpayers Assessed in 1867

Sam Youell1 acre$50.00
Woodford Ausbern1 lot$110.00
Chelsa Aylor1 lot$50.00
Fisher Aylor1 lot$50.00
William Huey1 lot$100.00
Mort Clutterbuck1 lot$50.00
Buster Clutterbuck1 lot$50.00
Guy Duncan1 lot$50.00
Richard Fowler1 acre$50.00
William Frazier4 lots$200.00
Lewis Frazier2 lots$120.00
Washington, Finnell1 lot$50.00
Erastus Gibbs2 lots$100.00
1 acre$50.00
Cary Gregory1 lot$50.00
Thomas Posting1 horse$100.00
S. Sleet2 horses$70.00
40 acres$500.00
William Sleet1 horse$75.00
25 acres$300.00
Thomas Thomas1 horse$60.00
George Vest2 horses$100.00
Subtotal $2,335.00
Add error or discount $70.00
Total assessment, 68 acres, 17 lots, and 7 horses $2,265.00

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