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Alexander J. Douglas

Alexander Jackson Douglas, the son of William Douglas and Margaret Edgington, was born in March 1827 in Richland County, Ohio. He first married Mary Jenner. After her death he married Sarah Jane Cassell on July 20, 1876 in Noble County, Indiana. They had three children together:

  1. Lloyd Cassel Douglas (1877-1951)
  2. Mabel Douglas (1878-1879)
  3. Clyde E. Douglas (b.1883 in Boone County, Kentucky - d.1909, Chicago).

A.J. Douglas came to Boone County in November 1881 as the Pastor for Hopeful Lutheran Church in Florence. He remained in the role until 1883. W.C. Butt, a pastor there, said of him: “Bro. Douglas was an interesting speaker and his preaching was very acceptable because he was fresh and original as a speaker.”

Douglas weighed about 200 pounds; his son Lloyd remarked in his autobiography: “…he had spent several years in the Indiana State Senate, an ideal place to acquire rotundity.”1).

According to his son, Douglas also held a philosophy different from the old adage, “If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.” As Lloyd said, “Papa once remarked to me, “Well, twice, maybe: after that, let somebody else try it.” I still believe Papa had something there.”2)

More Information


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