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African Americans in Big Bone Baptist Church Records

Compiled for the African Americans in Boone County Project sponsored by Preservation Kentucky.

Big Bone Baptist Church Book One, 1843-1863

Formed March 1843 (for those south of Gunpowder Creek) leaders at outset: John C. riley, Richard Johnson, Saml Mason, John Johnson, the Hueys, Randal Latimer, Wm Garnett, Robt Kirtley. African Americans: Robert, Jane & Margaret at time of constitution.

Some of the white families – Robt, Thos & Saml Huey, Richd Johnson, Hardisty, Jas. Ryle, Arthur Adams, Saml Wilson, John Mitchell, more Hueys, Benj Alen (sic), Jas. Hawkins

1843: 29 Oct – Maria rec’d

1847: July – “Samuel Huey gave information that he had sold his Buoy (sic) George in consequence of his conduct he is out of reach of this church whereupon the church voted that they consider him no more a member of this church.”

1848: May – “Brother Robert Huey laid in a charge against sister Sealy a slave of Brother Samuel Huey who aptemted (sic) to Poising (sic) the sd Brother and his family we therefore consider her gilty (sic) of Sin and for that act we do exclude her from the church.”

Oct – “Brother Robert Huey gave information to the church that he has sold his Boy Robert in conquence (sic) of his Conduct we therefore consider him no more under the watch care of this church.”

28 Dec – rec’d Wesley (Wm D. Conley)

1851: May (ediotr's note: only charges so far have been against slaves), Robt Huey charged Emily with incontinence – voted her guilty of sin – unsatisfactory response.

June – agree to forgive her after more talking

1853: 20 Aug – rec’d Nelson, a colored man, Anderson (Wm Ryle)

22 Aug – Rebecca – free colored woman – rec’d

1854: 23 Dec – Betsy (Wm Johnson) rec’d

1855: 27 May – Richard (Jas. Ryle) rec’d & Mary a free girl

1857: Jan – letter of dismission granted Nelson, “colored Brethren”, wife & daughter

1859: April – Obit of Jane Huey, died in her 81st year. 80 years old. Born in PA & emigrated as child, Father scalped by Indians near Louisville, born 1778, married Saml Huey at 19.

Sept – Matildy (Joel B. Frazier) rec’d

Book Two, 1863-1892

African American members listed separately as with first book: Jane, Maria, Fanna/Fauna, Mariar [?], Anderson, Wm, Matilda, America, Harriet, Wm Frazier, Patsy, Ana, Amanda, Elen Utz.

1866: Cases of 3 African Americans “absented themselves from this church in disorder” Wm, Anderson, & Milly.

1867: August – Mariar granted letter of dismission

1868: 25 June – rec’d Harriet for baptism but church not quite satisfied – referred to committee

30 Sept – rec’d Patsy (editor's note: still not using last names for black members)

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