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Boone Fowler Rogers Barn

The Boone Fowler Rogers Barn

Located on Belleview Road, the Boone Fowler Rogers Barn was built c.1840. It is one of the county's finest examples of the English side-entry barn: one of Kentucky's predominant barn types from the early 19th through the mid-20th centuries.

The barn lies at the terminus of a picturesque farm lane that follows Willoughby Creek; it was originally part of the alignment of the Belleview-Petersburg Turnpike. The surrounding farm has been in the Rogers family since their ancestor, William Rogers, came to Boone County from Virgina.

The barn is an imposing structure of rectangular form with side-gabled metal roof, on piers of drylaid fieldstone. It retains much of its original vertical board siding, never painted or oiled, in good condition. The interior features the classic three-bay plan and incorporates a huge “summer beam” used in threshing operations.

The barn was added to the National Register in 2000.

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