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County Clerk

County Clerk was an appointed position until 1850, when it became an elected position. County Clerks for Boone County are listed below. Isham Hamilton was the first elected County Clerk.

Cave Johnson 1799-1811
Absalom Graves 1811-1815
Willis Graves 1815-1834
Isham Hamilton 1834-1862
Milton Hamilton (pro tempore) 1862-1862
Lewis Webb 1862-1866
Arthur B. Parker 1866-1874
Lewis H. Dills 1875-1882
Manlius Thompson Garnett 1882-1890
Alfred S. Gaines 1891-1895
J. Stanley Clutterbuck 1895-1895
Bluford Watson Adams 1895-1909
Jameson Hawkins Rogers 1910-1910
W. Rupert Rogers 1910-1921
Mary Elizabeth Rogers 1922-1925
Asa G. McMullen 1926-1933
Charles Dewey Benson 1933-1966
Harold O. Rogers 1966-1967
Jerry W. Rouse 1967-1998
Marilyn Rouse 1999-2007
Renee Ping 2007-2011
Kenny Brown 2011-


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