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Clerk's Building (BE 148)

bcplfusion.bcpl.org_repository_be0148.jpg Currently located on Gallatin Street in the county seat of Burlington, the Boone County Clerk's Building is the county's sole surviving government building of the antebellum era. Built in 1853 and (originally) located opposite the courthouse, the Clerk's Building was one of the original buildings of the Courthouse Square. From 1889 to 1924 the building housed the Boone County Deposit bank. When a new bank building was built in 1924, the former clerk's building was relocated to the southwest corner of Washington and Jefferson Streets and converted to a post office.

In September 2001, following an outpouring of public support, it was saved from demolition by the Boone County Fiscal Court and moved back to Courthouse Square. It was completely restored and now serves as the northern anchor of a new formal public space that unites the core of government buildings in Burlington for the first time since 1925.

The Clerk's Building is a well-proportioned Greek Revival temple-form brick structure, distinguished by brick pilasters that mark each of the bays on all four faces. The facade treatment originally consisted of a centered door. The centered colored-glass fanlight balanced by a side entrance and window is one of a series of alterations made when the building was converted into a bank in 1889.

The Clerk's Building was included in the Burlington Historic District that was added to the National Register in 1979.

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