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East Bend

East Bend is a riverfront region of Boone County named for the Ohio River's sharp turn eastward. On the western edge of East Bend, there was once a trading post run by a man named DeHart or D'Hart. Around the bend at a distance of about ten miles, were the natural springs at Big Bone. East Bend was known to have rich bottom land and offered a good view for defense against Indian attack.

Robert Piatt bought 200 acres at East Bend bottoms and built a his home, Winfield Cottage. This area soon became known as Piatt's Landing. There were many families to follow in the East Bend region.

Below is the property transfer of 120 acres of land in the center of East Bend. One of the early deeds, dated 1808, refers to the land as “East Bend”.

1808 Humphrey Marshall conveyed this property to Thomas Carneal

1817 Thomas Carneal estate (son) to Robert Piatt deed book D, page 60.

1817 James Breckenridge to Robert Piatt deed book D, page 31 mentions 1808 property transfer

1826 Robert Piatt sells 120 acres to Daniel Piatt, deed book F, Page 360

1835 Daniel Piatt sells 120 acres to Maltby Smith, deed book I, page 530

1852 Property transferred to Carlile Ward, widow of Maltby Smith and daughters from estate of Maltby Smith

1883 Ownership atlas showing Carlile Ward (Maltby Smith's widow) and her daughters as owners of East Bend

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