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John Taylor

Rev. John Taylor was a distinguished pioneer Baptist preacher and writer who was born in Faquier County, Va in 1752. He united with the Baptists in his twentieth year. He began to preach almost immediately after he joined the church and continued with great success. He located in Kentucky in 1785.

In 1795 he moved to what would soon become Boone County and became the first preacher for Bullittsburg Baptist Church. He ministered there for seven years. During that time the church experienced revival in 1800-01 (in what is often called the “Second Great Awakening in America”); there were 113 people converted and baptized into the church.

John Taylor's influence on Boone County Baptists far exceeded the seven years he resided and preached in the county. He was one of two invited to preach at the funeral of Absalom Graves in 1826; Graves was the leading missionary advocate among Baptists in Boone County.

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