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African Americans in the Lawrenceburg News

Compiled for the African Americans in Boone County Project sponsored by Preservation Kentucky. All accounts from The Democratic Register, Microfilm, Dearborn County Public Library, Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

16 June 1854

  • from the Cinci Gazette – US Deputy Marshal Thayer,, with Officer Lee & Boone Cty sheriff captured nine negroes on way to Canada (in Cinti). They were on foot with baggage on their backs, clothing torn & ragged. Resisted at first, then gave in. Examined next morning under new Fugitive Slave Law. Had Feb escaped from Wm. Walton.

8 Feb 1856

  • Sunday night last, 8 slaves of Gaines & Marshal (sic) Boone Cty escaped to Cinti through Covington – Margaret Garner
  • Sunday night, same, six slaves – Dougherty & Gaines, Covington, escaped & believed to be on their way Canada, worth about $8000.
  • As a natural result of these frequent escapes, we notice in the Commercial of yesterday, that sixteen slaves were sent from Covington to Lexington, to be sold.

15 February 1856

  • Six slaves belonging to Mr. Wilburne, of Boone county (sic), Ky., escaped on Monday night last, and have not since been heard from.

7 March 1856

  • The Madison [Ind.] Courier is informed that the fugitive slave Margaret, who murdered her child while she was in Cinti, and who has since been delivered to her owner in pursuance to the Fugitive Slave Law, is now held by him in Lexington, Kentucky, subject to a requisition of the Governor of Ohio, to answer for the offense. Governor Chase has made the requisition and the inhuman mother will be taken back to Ohio for trial.

28 March 1856

  • Mr. Gaines has determined to bring ‘Peggy’ back from Arkansas, and hold her in Covington subject to the requisition of the Governor of Ohio.
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