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The Roseberry House, c. 1905

By Cathy Callopy

Harry Roseberry came to work for Julia Dinsmore in 1895 as a young teenager. He continued to live on the farm until 1968, dying just a little over a year after he was taken to Cincinnati by his daughter. On November 23, 1904, he was married to Sussie Riley in Rising Sun, Indiana, by an African American preacher named John Green. Initially, the young married couple likely lived in what Julia Dinsmore referred to as the office. Soon the building was converted to their living quarters and modified as the couple had children, resulting in three different modes of exterior construction and three front entries. Harry was the part-time manager of the farm in the 1920s as Julia became too old to fully participate in the daily operations of the farm and began spending more time away from home. When she died, Julia left an annuity for Harry, as did her two nieces, Patty Selmes and Sally Cutcheon. By 1940, he was receiving $100 per month until his death. However, he was replaced as manager by another tenant, Sebern Brady, who lived across Route 18 from the main house. Harry continued to look after the animals on the farm and raised a large garden down near the pond behind his home. In 1970, Harry died at a nursing home in Cincinnati and was buried in the Belleview Baptist Church cemetery just down the road from what had been his home for seventy years. Harry's wife, Sussie, who died in 1941, is buried with him as is at least one of his daughters.

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