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Silas Dinsmoor

Silas Dinsmoor was born at Windham, New Hampshire on September 26, 1766. He graduated from Dartmouth in 1791, and was appointed Cherokee Agent in November 1794. In March 1799 he was replaced by John McKee and then became the agent to the Choctaw in May 1800. He remained as agent to the Choctaw until June 1814. Again, his position was taken over by John McKee. His removal from office was in part due to an earlier disagreement with General Andrew Jackson over travel restrictions on the Natchez Trace through the Choctaw Nation. He fought alongside Commodore Perry on Lake Erie, was the port collector at Mobile (Alabama), and witnessed the signing of the Choctaw Treaty of Ft. St. Stephens in 1816. He resided in that area at least until 1820. By 1830 he was a resident of Baldwin County, Alabama. (Courtesy RootsWeb message board)

In the late 1830’s, Silas convinced his nephew James Dinsmore to relocate from the South to Boone County to purchase 700 acres to start a vineyard. Although the vineyard had a bad year or two, the Dinsmore Homestead remains a well-preserved example of rural Kentucky farm life. Silas died at Belleview in Boone County, Kentucky on June 17, 1847 and is buried in the Homestead Cemetery.

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