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Last Night's Report from Kentucky

Cleveland Morning Leader, July 31, 1862

Paris, KY., July 30. Yesterday afternoon a party of 244 guerilla rebels from Boone County, under command of Gen. Bullitt, appeared before Mt. Sterling and demanded the surrender of the town, which was refused. They then attempted to take it by force, but were fired on by the Home Guard and a number killed. They then turned to retrace their steps down the pike, and were met by a party of men under Major Bracht of the 18th Kentucky, who ordered a charge, which turned them towards the town, where they were again warmly received, which caused a complete stampede, leaving all their horses &c. The rebels lost 18 killed and 48 prisoners; number of wounded not ascertained. Our loss was three wounded. Major Bracht is closely following the balance. The Paris Home Guard last night captured eight of the flying rebels near this place. Ten were also captured at North Middletown.

Further Aarticulars[sic]. Louisville, July 30. Yesterday at sunrise one hundred and seventy-five mounted guerillas, mostly armed, principally from Boone County, Kentucky, arrived at North Middleton. A union man sent from there notified the inhabitants of Mt. Sterling of the design fo these guerrillas to attack the latter place. In the afternoon seven of these guerillas went into Mt. Sterling to demand the surrender of the place. The Mt. Sterling Home Guard, thirty strong, under Capt. Evans, provost marshal, killed the whole seven. The remainder of the rebels coming up were fired at from houses on the road and six more were killed and some twenty mortally wounded. The rebels, after retreating some miles, came upon Major Bracht of the 18th Kentucky, and Provost Marshal of Lexington, advancing with 100 of his regiment and 30 home guards from the neighborhood of North Middleton, when they broke in confusion, scattering in every direction, Bracht pursing and firing upon them, killing and wounding several, capturing their horses, arms, &c., and taking some 50 prisoners. From 20 to 50 more were subsequently reported captured. Our loss was three home guards, one of whom was fatally wounded, and one of Bracht's regiment, who was severly wounded.

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