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Hopewell Baptist Church

Mr. Robert Lett, a descendant of the Sleet Family, has provided the following information regarding the Hopewell Baptist Church located just south of Beaver Lick near US Highway 42.

I have learned that the “colored” church & school began organizing in early 1894. The church which was built with two rooms was constructed for the purpose of being used additionally as a school. The primary participants in the organization of the church & school were; Dick Baker, George Clark (descendants migrated to Connersville), Robert L. Sleet.

The timeline for the planning of the school was as follows;

  • In the fall of 1894 plans were discussed in regards to building the Hopewell church & school construction and fundraising plans set forth.
  • A meeting was held with George Sleet to acquire one acre of land for the purposes the project.
  • In the spring of 1895 the property was acquired.
  • In August of 1895 Rev. Comwell & Wheeler served as interim pastors.
  • On December 8, 1895 Rev. McCody began service as the church's first regular pastor.
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