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Sand Run Church Documents Regarding African Americans

Compiled for the African Americans in Boone County Project sponsored by Preservation Kentucky.

Some leaders: Chichester Matthews, Wm McCoy, Cave Johnson, Benj. Mitchell, John Wilson, Markland , Rueben Clore, Benj Watts

Enslaved members: Fortune & Kizza (Matthews), John, Maria, & Elliott (Wm Montague), Chris, Lucy, Mary Meshach, Shadrich, & Lewis (Wm McCoy), Moses (C. Johnson), Adam (Andrew Brockman) Benjamin, Armstead, & Jenny (C. Montague), Nan (Sister Deulaney), Cupid (Elijah Deulaney), Joseph (Fanny Deulaney), Julia (Jos. Graves, Jr.), Barnaby (John Cave), Warrick (J. H. Craig), and Fillis, “free woman of colour”

Rule 5: “Any member who shall exhibit a complaint against another shall have no voice in the decision.”

(Editor's Note: Dec seems to be a rowdy month – that’s when slaves were usually given holiday)


15 May - Fanny Deulaney’s Joe accused of stealing meat & telling several falsehoods – found guilty & excluded



18 March - Mr. Graves’ Julia “absconded” and was absent for a considerable time & there was “no certainty when she would be with us again.” Found guilty of sin & excluded

20 May - Brother Ward brought complaint against McCoys Meshach – adultery – found guilty, no satisfaction, exclueded


19 May - Jas. Graves complained of Joe – stole tobacco, lied, “raising a riot” at Bro. Terril’s on Sabbath & using unsavory language. (excluded)

7 November - Thought proper for “Black members and friends” to use “Northeast end at the adjoining front of the gallery (sic) to the partition.”

16 December - Found seating of black members proper. Then Brother Whitaker motioned that black members present if they were willing to take their (new?) seats, “Sister Mariah refused to comply.” Bro. Whitaker “laid in a complaint”


19 January - Mariah found guilty of sin & excluded (Editor's Note: sounds like Fanny & Kizza also refused to sit in the right place). Fanny then took her seat; Kizza absent (excluded 16 Feb 1822)

22 August - Kizza came back


25 January - Eliot (Wm Montague) complained against self for getting into a fight Dec. 24th – satisfaction obtained on 24 Feb

25 October - Kreetz (Wm Montague) woman recd


26 June - Moses (Johnson) complained against self, took wool from master & denied it, satisfaction obtained


22 January - Jos. Graves complained of Joseph (Deulaney) for striking a man with stone. McCoy also complained of Joseph for stealing turkey from Harvey (tried before magistrate & publicly whipt). Joseph acknowledged first but denied stealing turkey – church found him guilty anyway – excluded

23 April - C. Montague complained against Fillis (free) for stealing

25 June - Thomas Whitaker complained of Fanny (Mrs. Cave) for leaving husband & having illegitimate child


22 December - C. Montague complained of Tom (Cave Johnson) for adultery with black woman belonging to C.J. made satisfaction & restored. Brother Fortune complained against self for quarreling on Sabbath with man he accused of stealing his shirt. W. Whitaker complained of Ben (bro. Deulaney for being with Isaac when latter broke into a house – kept it a secret & threatened to cowhide Fortune. Jas. Gilmore complained of Isaac (Walter Goodridge) for drunkenness & getting into an affray with white man.


26 May - Elliott (Johnson) admitted getting drunki & hitting a black man with a stick


22 March - Tombolen (Johnson) absconded & remained absent


27 June - C. Montague complained of Kizza (B. Mitchell) for 1. Fornication, 2. Marrying a man with a wife & living in adultery with him. Also CM complained of Adam, the married man she married (Geo. Gibson).



22 September - Barnaba (John Thomas) & Jane his wife given letters of dismission


28 September - Bob (“man of colour”) belonging to W. McCoy, joined


27 October - Kizza & Adam made known wish to be restored; restored on 24 Nov



9 April - baptized Matilda (Watts) & Delilah, woman of colour (W. Draper)


23 October - C. Montague complained of Delilah for dancing & “attending frolicks of the black people” – failed to give satisfaction


20 October - rec’d Milly (C. Montague)


26 February - rec’d Elijah (Mr. Johnson Graves) & Peter (Chiles Coleman)


27 July - Wm Gaines complained of Eliza (his) for stealing & lying. Cave Montague obituary – born in VA Feb 15, 1777 – father was Wm, settled in Scott County 1784-1797, then to Boone; died “without a struggle or a groan”



27 July - following up on black members at parts unknown (does not sound like they have RUN away just that they have been taken away): Tolbert, Maria (N. Eldridge), Harriet (A. G. McCoy), Delilah (heirs of John Cave), Bob (Wm. N. McCoy, deceased), Kreity (Wm Montague, deceased) [some of these slaves were probably moved away as part of the settlement of a will, but this shows how precarious the position of a slave (& their family) was – one of the biggest reasons for selling slaves was to settle wills).


22 September - Pigeon died


25 April - David (Gaines) “absconded and left this church without any dismission as is usual”

25 September - Jack rec’d (Walter Goodridge)

30 October - baptism – Eliza (woman of colour, Balsley)

1 November - Charles (Man of Colour, Murphy)

4 Nov - Susan (woman of colour, O. Kirtley)

5 Nov - Jas (man of colour, J. Graves)

6 Nov - George (John H. Moore)

9 Nov - Jackson (man of colour, Wm Vaughn), Nancy (Wm Harrison)

13 Nov - Ellen/Eliza (Wm Watts), Harriet (W. H. Vaughn)


27 January - Mr. Vaughn left Harriet in Cynthiana


27 October - Willliam rec’d (Julia McDaniel) (Editor's Note: Like Middle Creek Church very little is happening here during the war. Goes from late 1864 to 1866.)

List & Status of African American Members as of circa 1842

  • C. Matthews: Fortune (died), Kizza (excluded)
  • A. Brockman: Adam (excluded)
  • C. Montague: Benjamin (died), Armstead, Jenny, Milly (dismissed by letter)
  • W. Montague: John (died), Mariah (excluded), Elliott (excluded), Kreely (moved to Kenton)
  • S. Deulany: Nan (died)
  • E. Deulany: Cupid
  • F. Deulany: Joseph (excluded)
  • J. Graves: Julia (excluded)
  • J. Craig: Warrick (died)
  • J. Cave: Fanny (excluded)
  • W. McCoy: Chris (died), Lucy (died), Mary (died), Mesheck (excluded), Shadrack (excluded), Lewis (died), * Phebe (died), Bob, Milly
  • A. McCoy: Harriet (sent away – July 1850)
  • C. Johnson: Moses (died), Pigeon, Tombolin (excluded)
  • W. Goodridge: Davy (died)
  • Wm Goodridge: Reuben (dismissed by letter)
  • Walter Goodridge: Alisey, Jack, Isaac (excluded)
  • John Thomas: Jane (letter)
  • Polly Cave: Delilah (sent away July 1850)
  • Mrs. Robinson: Elvira (died)
  • Washington Watts: Ann
  • Benj Watts: Matilda (died)
  • Wm Gaines: Eliza, David
  • Wm Hayden: Jane
  • N. Eldridge: Mariah (sent away – July 1850)
  • Johnson Graves: Elijah
  • Joseph Graves: Ofelia (letter)
  • Wm. Riddell: Steward (excl)
  • Chiles Coleman: Peter
  • Free: Fillis

Citation: Minutes of the Proceedings of the Sand Run Church. Microfilm. Boone County Public Library, Burlington, KY. (286.176)

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