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Simeon F. Terrill

Simeon F. Terrill was born in Petersburg in 1843, to early Boone County settlers John and Nancy Terrill.

He was the youngest child born of this large family. There was a span of 18 years between the eldest child, Elizabeth (Terrill) Berkshire and Simeon. Simeon's nephews were closer in age to him than his brothers.

Early in the Civil War, Simeon enlisted with the Confederate forces of the 5th KY Cavalry, along with his older brothers Joshua and Captain George W. Terrill, in addition to other Boone County Terrills. Simeon's remaining two brothers, Robert and William, fought for the Union.

Although there is no burial record for him, there is documentation of his capture, transfer and death during the war. According to a report from the Adjutant General's office, Simeon was “killed in battle, or died from wounds or disease” sometime between April 27 and June 29, 1863. There is no cause or location of death mentioned.

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