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Susan Utz House

Susan Utz House The Utz House on Bullittsville Road, north of Burlington is one of the best examples of a two-floor, four-bay, hall-parlor form popular in the first half of the nineteenth century. owned in 1883 by Miss Susan Utz, it is Federal in style and is constructed of brick with jack arches over the openings. The staircase is in the brick ell in the rear.

Miss Susan Utz (1837-1913) was born to Ezekial (1801-1875) and Cordelia Birdwhistle Utz (1808-1870) and lived with her large family on the Burlington property. In 1887, Susan married Robert Baker from Carroll County and moved to Erlanger in Kenton County, where she had recently purchased property. She is buried in the Utz Cemetery behind the Utz House.

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