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John Hall is the Sheriff. Cave Montague is his deputy.

George Christy becomes Boone County's second Coroner.

John Cave, Ephraim Hume, and Alexander McPherson are Justices of the Peace.


Boone County


  • The Kentucky Legislature fixes the number of Justices of Peace for Boone County as not to exceed eight.

U.S. & World

  • Napoleon gains control of Louisiana in a treaty with Spain, and Spanish officials in New Orleans withdraw the right of deposit at New Orleans. In need of money to fund his wars, Napoleon offers the land to the U.S. for $15,000,000.
  • Jefferson is elected President by the U.S. House of Representatives, breaking the Electoral College tie vote. His rival, Aaron Burr, becomes Vice-President.
  • The North African state of Tripoli declares war on the United States in an attempt to compel the young nation to pay tribute to commerce-raiding Arab corsairs.

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