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Boone County

  • 1920: Ku Klux Klan night riders raid Walton, burning crosses in yards of Jews, African-Americans and Catholics
  • 1921: A whole block caught fire in downtown Burlington causing Burlington's earliest major fire
  • 1923: Burlington School and Limaburg School consolidate
  • 1925: New building built for the Boone County Deposit Bank
  • 1926: Dam #38 was constructed in McVille
  • 1935: Walton's Civilian Conservation Corps brings in jobs for men, ages 18-25, from needy families
  • 1937: The Great Ohio River Flood. Largest in Boone County history, the Ohio River reaches 80 feet
  • 1942: C.L Cropper is appointed judge
  • 1942: Fair opens at Burlington-Idlewild Road
  • 1944: WWII plane lands in Reuben Kirtley's wheat field
  • 1947: First commercial flight departs/arrives at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
  • 1950: The historic Phoenix Hotel in Walton catches fire
  • 1952: Boone County Health Department sets up first immunization clinics for pre-school students
  • 1953: Hilda Ramler opens the Caintuckee Grill
  • 1955: The first commercial crash in the region occurred when a TWA aircraft departed from the Greater Cincinnati Airport.
  • 1956: 25,000 people attend Verona Lake Ranch first season
  • 1956: Tornado touches down in Walton demolishing five Beaver Road homes
  • 1958: Florence gets its first phone booths
  • 1958“ L&N Railway caught fire caused by three railroad tank cars that derailed in the center of town a few days prior in Walton
  • 1959: Latonia Race Track is brought to Florence, Kentucky
  • 1960: Construction on Interstate 75 begins
  • 1960: Big Bone Lick becomes a state park
  • 1961: A cargo plane crashed near Constance on approach to the Greater Cincinnati Airport.
  • 1962: President JFK visits the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
  • 1965: American Airlines Flight 383 was making an approach to the Greater Cincinnati Airport in light snow and crashed into the hillside near Constance, killing 58 people and severely injuring 4.
  • 1966: Dam #38 in McVille is demolished
  • 1967: TWA Flight 159 ran off the runway while attempting to take off from the Greater Cincinnati Airport.
  • 1967: TWA Flight 128 struck trees on the Constance hillside and crashed 6,878 feet short of the runway, killing 70 and injuring 12.
  • 1971: Song, Sheriff of Boone County, by Kenny Price, a Boone County native, makes the Top 10 Music Chart
  • 1971: Walton-Verona Auto Sales and Parts Company caught fire. Flames then spread to the Walton Village Barbershop
  • 1974: First Boone County Public Library Opens
  • 1974: F5 tornado destroys property throughout the county
  • 1975: President Johnson visits the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
  • 1976: Florence Mall opens
  • 1984: Caintuckee Grill closes
  • 1984: Boone County inventor, Frank Sinton Milburn dies
  • 1986: Latonia Race Park is renamed Turfway Park
  • 1997: The “Flood of '97,” the Ohio River reaches 65 feet
  • 1999: Fire in Florence, Garten Haus Restaurant, the Florence Barber Shop, a computer store and Bessler's Economy Market were destroyed on the corner of Main Street and Shelby Street.
  • 2002: General Store in Burlington is demolished. Serves as a parking lot and landscaped area for Burlington Baptist Church
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