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William A. Rouse House (BE 480)

The William A. Rouse House

William Rouse, a Virginia-born farmer of German ancestry, purchased 100 acres near Hebron from Joel Garnett in 1855; the house was likely built soon afterward. Rouse raised hay, wheat, corn, cattle and hogs on his expanding acreage.

The house is a weatherboarded log dwelling on the double-pen plan. It stands two stories high under a side-gabled roof of moderate pitch. The main facade, facing Conner Road, is four bays wide, in a window-door-door-window pattern. The bays are placeed in the outer edges of the facade, leaving the center blind. At the east gable end is a brick chimney that replaced an earlier, limestone chimney in the same location. Vernacular Greek Revival woodwork graces the house's interior.

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