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Rouse Family

The first known Rouse settlers to Boone County were brothers George and John Rouse who came to the Florence area about 1805 with other Germanna Colony settlers. Other Rouse siblings that migrated to Boone County were Samuel, Jacob, Ephraim and a sister Maria Tanner. The Rouse family was closely associated with the Hebron Church in Madison Co., VA since 1733 and was one of the founding families of Hopeful Lutheran Church in Florence, KY. The house of George Rouse was used as the church meeting place until a proper structure could be built. There are numerous descendents that still make their home in Boone County. Historically the family lived in the Florence, Limaburg, and Hebron areas.

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<html><img alt=“Bert & Anna Rouse at home on Route 18, Sept. 1943” src=“” width=“350” align=“right” title=“Bert & Anna Rouse at home on Route 18, Sept. 1943”></html>

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