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Florence Public School (BE 968)

<html><img alt=“The Florence Public High School, around 1903” src=“” width=“250” align=“right” title=“The Florence Public School, around 1903”></html> The Center Street lot on which the building stands has been used for school purposes since 1890, when a two-room schoolhouse was built there. The present school was erected in 1931 at a cost of $265,000. As built, it housed grades one to twelve; it became an elementary school in 1954 when Boone County High School was constructed.

A substantial brick building of restrained Art Moderne style, the Florence school is horizontal in form, rising two stories above a raised basement (a popular form for school buildings of the mid-20th century). Focal point of the facade is a shallow projecting entry pavillion; the main doorway is enhanced by molded concrete surround and low-relief frontispiece. Additions at the west side and rear date from 1954.

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