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Forks of Gunpowder Baptist Church

The church was organized in 1812 by members of the Bullittsburg Baptist Church and the Middle Creek Baptist Church who wished to establish a church closer to their homes.

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The church building was built on an island about twelve miles southeast of Bullittsburg, where the Gunpowder Creek forks thus the name. The land was sold to the church by founding member (and later pastor) Lewis Conner for one dollar.

From 1812 to 1840 the church was a member of the North Bend Association of Baptists. In 1840, the group left the North Bend Association and joined the Salem Association, reflecting a change in theology. So it remained until 1897 when the church was abandoned.

In 1902 the church was re-organized and became a member of the North Bend Association again until 1936, when the church was again abandoned.

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