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John Grant, War of 1812 Veteran Who Settled in Boone County

Transcribed from Annie Walker Burns' Abstract of Pension Applications.

GRANT, John War of 1812

Service - Private, Captain Jacob Stuchens company of Kentucky Militia. Enlisted May 20, 1813. Discharged November 19, 1813.

Residence of widow 1851 and 1875, Boone County, Kentucky. Death of soldier May 30, 1849, Boone County, Kentucky.

Certificate of Samuel G. Mitchell, surgeon, testifies that it appears that Grant was wounded in the ankle joint which produced a stiffness and enlargement of the joint and lameness, and the right leg and thigh much diminished in size. Considers him three fourths incapacitated. October, 1831.

October 10, 1831. Elijah Grant testifies that previous to the late War John Grant, Jr. lived with him four or five years, and was stout and healthy and that he volunteered under Colonel Richard M. Johnson, and was disabled while in service.

April 1878. Boone County, Kentucky. Polly Grant, aged seventy seven deposes; she is the widow of John Grant, that she was not acquainted with said John Grant when he volunteered in Boone County in 1813, that she was married to him February 16, 1820, in Boone County by one Absolom Graves, a minister and that her maiden name was Polly Willis, that her husband died May 20, 1849 in Boone County. Her marriage is recorded in Boone County records and is copied in this file.

Covering jacket: Kentucky 1560

John Grant private, Kentucky Militia

Inscribed on Kentucky will at six dollars per month to begin December 5, 1831. Certificate of pension issued December 5, 1831. Increased to eight dollars per month from October 26, 1848. Forty pages of record.

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