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Boone County has a large number of cemeteries, including municipal, church and family cemeteries. Cemeteries were established by many churches after the Civil War. Bullittsburg Baptist's cemetery, for example, was founded in the 1860s. Other church cemeteries include those of Beaver Lick Baptist, Salem Baptist, East Bend Methodist, and Hopeful Lutheran. Before and after the Civil War, Boone Countians buried their dead in family plots located in various locales around the county. While it is estimated that 300 such cemeteries exist in Boone County, only about 215 have been identified to date. As Boone County develops, protecting these small family cemeteries continues to be a key preservation issue. <html><img alt=“Tombstone of Milton and Catherine Graves” src=“” width=“250” align=“right” title=“Tombstone of Milton and Catherine Graves”></html>

Before conducting any documentation within a Boone County cemetery, please review these guidelines.


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