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Sand Run Baptist Church (BE 356)

Part of the Francisville community near Hebron, the Sand Run Baptist Church has had a long history within the county. The church and it's adjoining cemetery are still active today.

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Excerpt from the History of Sand Run Baptist Church, Boone County, Kentucky by Robert E. Kirtley, 1876:

“Sand Run Church was constituted on the 20th of March, 1819, with seventy-eight members, fifty-five white and twenty-three colored. Among the prominent members in the organization were Chichester Matthews, and William Montague, ordained ministers; Lewis Webb, the former clerk of Bullittsburg; Cave Johnson, Jeremiah Kirtley, Cave Montague, William N. McCoy, Beverly R. Ward, Benjamin Mitchell, Andrew Brockman, William Gaines, Benjamin Dulaney, Elijah W. Dulaney and others.

“During the early history of this young church, her discipline both formative and corrective, was most excellent. She sought out and brought into active exercise the gifts of her members. Men of business capacity were appointed to attend to business. Men that could sing were called on to exercise their gifts. Men that could talk to edification and comfort were encouraged in that work.”

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